Let us know that you are ready to walk the psycho path by first sending a message through our ENLIST page. Then, we'll want to make sure that you are ready. For each of your initial 3 good/charitable deeds, you will earn recognition within the group. For each act of kindness, be sure to submit visual or written documentation to your membership coordinator. When posting to social media, please use #KeepItPsycho paired with @worldwidepsycho. Walk the PSYCHO PATH:

After 1 Documented Deed:  Your name will appear on the official PROSPECTS list. You are on your way.
After 2 Documented Deeds: Your written Biography will accompany your name on the PROSPECTS list. (Coming Soon)
After 3 Documented Deeds: Your photo will be requested and you will be eligible for full PSYCHO membership as determined by the original charter members. 


Derek Alegria (NY)
Ryan Eckert (CT)
Jonathan Lewis (NYC)
Londen Fryer (NYC)
Mitch Nochlin (NYC)
Brandon Byrne (NJ) 


Fabrice Maradan (Switzerland) 
Dany Giromini (Switzerland)